Our Approach

Project Execution Strategies

Transforming Commercial Underperformance to Profit

Advising C-suite, executives and boards, we bring focus to rationalising dysfunctional structures, galvanising stakeholders and building high-performance teams

Impactful results through strong technical backgrounds in engineering, PMO and Project, Programme and Portfolio management, leadership and strategy

Corporate growth strategies, and corporate objectives, requirements and intended benefits, need top-down alignment with individual Project, Programme and Portfolio execution strategies.

Our Strategists provide practical strategic advice based on experience and methodologies, frameworks, and exemplars to help you to get your projects up and running swiftly, whilst aligning all stakeholders on key threats and opportunities.

The Power of Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion

Champion Change & Accelerate Growth

Change is the only constant in this world and so only the organisations that embrace it can truly thrive and continue to accelerate their growth. Our strategies provide operating models which are built for resilience and are able to respond to disruptive changes. 

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Organisations that are not proactive in embracing and catering for change, are risking succumbing to ever changing tides. A proactive approach is therefore needed when it comes to developing strategies that are designed to proactively manage key risks, particularly those associated with technology, legislation, sustainability requirements and stakeholder expectations.

We Identify, Create, Enable and Support

Centre of Excellence

With substantial experience and the right application of methodologies, frameworks, templates and exemplars, our professionals roll up their sleeves and get you moving quickly.

Leadership of PMO

People Development & Performance Management

Change Portfolio Support

Develop and Maintain A People-Centric Culture

Ingenious Operating Models

Organisations need efficient, simplified delivery operating models and appropriate governance that creates alignment across the business and all stakeholders, clients, partners and the supply chain. 

Our strategists advise leading mining companies on the most suitable operating model to ensure that projects are organisationally effective. These further exhibit desired behaviours and values with appropriate capability and capacity.

Programmatic Working

Project, Programme and Portfolio Management

We advise renowned mining companies and teams on how best to achieve functional and delivery integration across their investments, optimising their Project, Programme and Portfolio Management methodologies.

With extensive experience in setting up PMOs, Controls, Commercials and Technical functions, our consultants ensure your investment is managed for success to ensure outcome focused delivery.

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Proud to be a Part of the Journey

Creating Success Stories that Craft a Legacy

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