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Sam Houston

Sam Houston

Sam’s passion for performance improvement and sustainable growth has accelerated over his 25+ years of experience in sectors such as Mining, Oil & Gas and Major Civil Infrastructure across the globe. 

Having started as an engineering graduate, Sam has worked his way up to Executive positions in large, complex, international organisations, identifying cultural and behavioural alignment, and inclusion of diversity as two of the key opportunities to improve creativity, innovation and sustainable performance. His focus is on developing growth strategies that truly leverage People, Sustainability and Technology. He considers himself a true global citizen.

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Sam Houston
Principal and Founder

Sam is equipped to advise on execution strategies for major or mega investments to Boards and the C-suite, and Directors of Projects / Strategy / Engineering in the Mining, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Private Equity or Investment Banking sectors for organisations seeking to harness market conditions and propel their growth agenda. 

In his most recent role as Vice President Major Projects, IOC, with Rio Tinto, Sam resurrected key strategic projects, gained approval to execute over $250M and study billions of dollars’ worth of growth and decarbonisation projects, and turned the company’s capital portfolio from failure to internal and external delivery credibility and confidence. He reframed the company’s approach to Digital and Technology to set the business up for improved future success.

As Vice President Engineering and Capital Projects and Company Officer with Eldorado Gold, Sam was key to the growth strategy development and delivery. He turned around delivery performance and evaluated potential investments, acquisitions and divestments. In his role, he provided strategic engineering, delivery oversight and guidance whilst developing a global PMO. 

Between 2014 and 2020 Sam operated as a Principal Consultant with the Jacobs Engineering Group, leveraging transformational development expertise to address client programme management needs. He took on responsibility as Major Projects Sales Pursuit Lead, playing a key role in the companies profitability transformation, and was recognised for outstanding leadership capability with shortlisting for several industry awards.

As Head of Project Services with BHP Billiton, Sam oversaw project services for the Potash portfolio, re-establishing and leading the department to higher standards of performance. His capability was applied to structure all aspects of the project lifecycle, culminating in a superior IRR rating than all other BHP mega-projects under review. Sam’s ability to optimise projects resulted in an appointment to lead the largest audit ever undertaken within BHP during which no major violations were recorded.


Established Global Mining PMO and Delivery of Liberia Mega-Project

Rio Tinto

Established IOC Major Projects
Planning and Development for Simandou Mega-Project


Execution of Potash Mega-Projects and Established Canadian Project Services

Eldorado Gold

Developed Execution Strategies for and Delivery of Global Engineering and Capital Projects

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