Newfoundland Rio Tinto IOC Leadership Conference (Aug 2023)

Our Founder, Sam Houston, made a significant contribution to the August 2023 Rio Tinto IOC Leadership Conference in Montreal by delivering a speech during a PRIDE-focused session. Sam’s dedication to promoting inclusion, diversity, and equity in both the mining industry and the broader community is well-known, and this speech was an opportunity to amplify that commitment.

In his opening remarks, Sam emphasized his ongoing advocacy for diversity and equity, underscoring his active involvement in fostering inclusive environments within projects, the mining industry, and society at large. His contributions to the field of cognitive diversity, supported by extensive research, have been shared through articles on LinkedIn and his website, further highlighting his dedication to the cause.


The speech, held in the spirit of Pride Month, provided a platform for Sam to share a deeply personal part of his journey. Sam recounted his experiences, speaking both in English and French to accommodate the diverse audience, on the theme of “Bringing Your Whole Self to Work.” He discussed the pivotal importance of psychologically safe and inclusive workplaces as catalysts for creating a more equitable society.

Furthermore, Sam shared a poignant milestone in his life – the celebration of his ten-year wedding anniversary with his husband. Their union, celebrated in Canada, took place at a time when same-sex marriage was still not legally recognised in England, the country where they initially met. Sam’s personal story served as a poignant reminder of the progress made toward equity while acknowledging the long road ahead.


Throughout his speech, Sam conveyed the significance of Pride Month and its continued relevance. He encouraged everyone to take care of each other and acknowledged the support he received from individuals like Chantal Lavoie and the many others who assisted him in sharing his story.

In this PRIDE-focused speech, Sam Houston’s unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging shone brightly. His willingness to share his experiences and advocate for positive change is a testament to the impact individuals can make in fostering more inclusive and equitable societies.

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