Toronto 4th Energy Transition and Emission Reduction for the Metals and Mining (Sept 2023)

Our Founder, Sam Houston, played a pivotal role at the Toronto 4th Energy Transition and Emission Reduction for the Metals and Mining conference held in September 2023. This prestigious event, hosted by Future Bridge Mining Events, brought together industry leaders, experts, and innovators to explore the critical themes of decarbonisation and sustainability in the mining and metals sector.

Sam Houston had the privilege of participating in an engaging panel discussion alongside esteemed colleagues, including Rebecca Thompson, Katherine Arblaster, Diane Cameron, and Sunil Kumar. The panel delved deep into the pressing topic of “Exploring the Progress and Challenges of Decarbonising the Mining and Metal Industry.”

During this dynamic discussion, Sam shared his invaluable insights on how major projects can serve as catalysts for transformative change within the mining and metals industry. His perspective emphasised the pivotal role of strategic initiatives in driving sustainability and reducing emissions.

Sam’s emphasis on the potential of major projects to make a significant impact resonated with the audience, shedding light on innovative approaches and strategies for a more sustainable future.


The panel, comprised of industry luminaries, provided a comprehensive overview of the intricacies of decarbonization within mining and metals. Their collective expertise illuminated the progress achieved thus far and illuminated the challenges that lie ahead in the pursuit of sustainable practices.

Rebecca Thompson, Katherine Arblaster, Diane Cameron, and Sunil Kumar each contributed their unique insights, creating a well-rounded and informative discussion that left attendees inspired and better informed about the industry’s path to a greener future.

The Toronto conference showcased the commitment of industry leaders like Sam Houston to drive positive change in the mining and metals sector. As the world continues its transition toward sustainable practices, events like these play a vital role in fostering collaboration, innovation, and shared knowledge.

Sam Houston’s active involvement in this event underscores his dedication to advancing sustainability and emission reduction in the mining and metals industry, setting the stage for a brighter and more eco-conscious future.

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